A Rose for Alice
Zoe Surah.
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Devonté Hynes’s complete score for Palo Alto is now available on iTunes.
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I haven’t told anyone of you
but they could see you in my smile
your face bathed in my eyes
I haven’t
but they could see you in my writing
your power cannot be concealed my dear.

Poem I wrote this morning- to a love now long lost. 
I still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.
Kurt Vonnegut
Photographed by Siren Laudvel
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“Rip It, Tear It, Stitch It, Wear It”. Soo Joo Park photographed by Mari Sarai for i-D Spring/Summer 2013
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movie poster for shiki-jitsu (ritual), directed by hideaki anno, 2000
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Personal photo
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there is a beauty in being so fucking sad you can’t stop crying. It’s like there still is so much to loose, so much to love and your still pleading- desperately so- that it doesn’t slip through your fingers.


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